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  • Glo-Mobile

    GLO or Globacom Limited, is a multinational telecommunications company which currently operates in Nigeria, the Republic of Benin, Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

    Launched in August 2003, Glo Mobile Nigeria, a subsidiary of GLO, has grown to be Nigeria’s leading mobile service provider. Within its first year of operation, Glo Mobile Nigeria had acquired one million subscribers in 87 towns in Nigeria.

    The company has taken the necessary strides to maintaining its already high standards by introducing prepaid internet top-up over the internet. Rural subscribers can benefit from being able to recharge Glo Mobile Nigeria mobiles online.

  • As a result of providing affordable mobile services, Glo Mobile Nigeria’s popularity surged and by 2010, it had over 25 million customers; all of whom can buy prepaid internet credit in order to recharge Glo Mobile Nigeria phones online.

    The company is dedicated to providing products and services which its customers truly value and its mission is to deliver a world-class service experience. Glo Mobile customers enjoy high satisfaction levels, evident in the company’s growing outreach. The company aims to bring the most modern and efficient telecommunications services to its customers.

    Telecom users in Nigeria recognize that the prepaid internet Glo Mobile Nigeria service as something essential to their daily lives. “Glo Mobile Nigeria online prepaid top-up is an efficient and time effective means of topping up”. The service provider offers its customers low tariffs and the the ability to recharge Glo Mobile Nigeria mobiles instantly online. You can visit to find out how to recharge Glo Mobile Nigeria phones instantly online.

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