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Recharger Airtel Ghana Téléphones prépayés en Ghana

Rechargez en ligne le téléphone mobile de la famille et des amis dans Ghana. En quelques étapes Airtel Ghana le crédit prépayée est envoyé en toute sécurité.

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  • Airtel

    Operating in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa and the Channel Islands, Airtel had acquired over 243 million customers worldwide as of March 2012. Business Week ranked Airtel, an Indian company, in the top six best performing technology companies in the world.

    The third largest telecommunications provider in the world is determined to set itself apart from its competition and aims to do this by focusing on innovations which benefit its customers. Airtel works closely with its customers in order to maximise the capacity of both its own success but more crucially the satisfaction of Airtel users.

    Its subscribers can recharge Airtel Ghana mobiles from anywhere in the world when they purchase prepaid load online. Airtel Ghana was launched as a result of a deal in which Airtel paid Kuwait-based telecoms company, Zain Telecom $10.7 billion for its businesses in 15 African countries.

  • Airtel Ghana was formed along with 14 other Airtel subsidiaries in Africa on 8 June 2010 and by November 2011 Airtel had 50 million mobile customers in Africa. Even if its subscribers aren’t based in Africa, they can still recharge Airtel Ghana mobiles instantly by going online.

    To recharge Airtel Ghana phones is easy when going online and following the simple steps it takes. With the sophistication of Airtel Ghana’s advanced telecoms infrastructure, it is as simple as typing in the number you wish to top up and the desired amount of credit you wish to put on.

    All of this is made just that bit simpler as there are no registration commitments or obligations and your mind is at ease as the transaction is completely safe. To find out more about the easiest way to recharge Airtel Ghana, go to

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