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  • Mobitel

    Mobitel Sri Lanka is a popular telecommunications provider which was incorporated in 1993 and then acquired by Sri Lanka Telecom in 2002.

    The company, which is known as the 'National' mobile service provider in Sri Lanka, is constantly expanding its network coverage across all major cities in Sri Lanka, with the aim of providing continuous connectivity to its current and prospective customers.

    The company continues to strive towards offering the latest and most user friendly services in the telecommunications industry. The mobile operator is committed to delivering enhanced technological solutions and services to its subscribers, all of whom are able to recharge Mobitel Sri Lanka phones instantly using prepaid internet load.

  • According to its website, Mobitel Sri Lanka believes that “technology for its own sake is meaningless” and even though the company has grown to be technologically on a par with the leaders in the Sri Lankan telecommunications industry; its goal is to provide innovations based on what its customers require.

    The company’s users can recharge Mobitel Sri Lanka mobiles online to stay in touch with family and friends when they are in other parts of the world. So waste no time and take advantage of this new innovative service provided by Mobitel, recharge Mobitel Sri Lanka phones with no hassle and from anywhere in the world.

    Just with a few mouse clicks your life is made easier through the use of this unique prepaid internet top-up service. Visit to read more about how to recharge Mobitel Sri Lanka phones using internet top-ups. A clear guide on the service can be found here, so within minutes you can join the growing number of customers taking full advantage of this service.

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