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Recharge Warid prepaid phones in Pakistan

Recharge online the mobile phone of family and friends in Pakistan. In a few steps the Warid prepaid credit is sent safely.

Recipients phone number:

 Local taxes (25 %) are being deducted on top-up by country authorities.

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  • Warid

    Warid Pakistan is a subsidiary of Warid Telecom International, a telecommunications company that is joint-owned by the Abu Dhabi Group and SingTel Group.

    Warid Telecom International operates throughout Pakistan, Congo and Uganda, and has plans to launch in the Ivory Coast and Georgia. In May 2005, Warid Pakistan began operations and within 80 days of the launch, had attracted a subscriber base of more than 1 million.

    Its customer’s benefit from tailored pricing plans and useful features, like the ability to recharge Warid Pakistan mobiles using prepaid Internet load. Warid Pakistan provides post-paid and pre-paid connection plans, which are branded and marketed across the country under the names Zahi Post-paid and Zem Pre-Paid.

  • The company aims to develop services, which are highly valuable to its users and in line with this policy, offers prepaid internet top-ups which let customers recharge Warid Pakistan phones instantly online from all over the world. To read more about how to recharge Warid Pakistan phones using prepaid internet top-ups, visit

    Recharge Warid Pakistan phones fast and reliable when you take advantage of Warid’s new prepaid internet top-up service. The service has already benefited the lives of many Warid Pakistan customers and with the clear and easy to read instructions found on the website, it wont be long before you join them.

    Warid Pakistan believes that this service is able to touch the lives of countless of customers and fully supports the notion of lowering the barriers of communication. This way of topping up is easy and reliable; Warid Pakistan customers now discover a much simpler way of topping up so that they connect with the home front.

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