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You can access the Prepaid Union Shop application with every computer that is connected to the Internet. Here the retailer can log in and view all necessary information on the home page. The retailer can deposit credit on his account by means of iDeal (minimum of 100 Euro).

As soon as you have credit you can start selling prepaid credits.

The customer who wants to send phone credit balance to friends or family gives you the phone number where the credit has to be sent to. You fill in this number in the shop application. The system will recognize the number and show you:

  • whether the number is a prepaid account
  • the originating country
  • which operator the number belongs to

You select the amount that the customer wants sent and press on the send button. Within 20 seconds the phone of the recipient is being topped up. The customer pays you and can, if asked for, get a receipt of the transaction.

Do you do want to start now? Fill in form below in and within 1 day you can offer our service to your customers!

Registration form for shop owners

The procedure:

  • We will check your identification papers.
  • We call you back for a brief introduction.
  • You receive an account for the shop application.
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