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Recharge online the mobile phone of family and friends in China. In a few steps the China Mobile prepaid credit is sent safely.

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  • China-Mobile

    China Mobile is a Chinese state-owned telecommunication company which was incorporated in Hong Kong on 3 September 1997. On 22 October 1997, China Mobile was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and then the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, a day later.

    As the leading mobile services provider in China, China Mobile has the world's largest mobile network with about 655 million subscribers as of January 2012. Forbes magazine listed the telecommunications company in the ‘World's 2000 Biggest Public Companies’ and the Financial Times ranked it tenth out of the ‘FT Global 500’ companies.

    The companies monumental achievements are accredit to the hard work put in to be at the forefront of innovation.

  • The telecommunications company provides mobile voice and multimedia services through its nationwide mobile network and Business Week included it in its list of ‘The 50 most Innovative Companies’ in 2010, thanks to its easily accessible features, including the ability to recharge China Mobile online.

    China Mobile was able to provide reception for 97 percent of the Chinese population by 2006. The company allows its subscribers in the rural market to recharge China Mobile through prepaid Internet in addition to providing other online services including wire transfers, bank withdrawals and payments.

    Customers therefore have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge in mind that topping up is accessible worldwide. So don’t hesitate and take advantage of this innovative service offered by China Mobile. Ease your top-up method by using the prepaid internet service of China Mobile. Anyone wishing to learn more about how to recharge China Mobile China with a prepaid internet load can visit

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