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Recharger Maroc Telecom Téléphones prépayés en Maroc

Rechargez en ligne le téléphone mobile de la famille et des amis dans Maroc. En quelques étapes Maroc Telecom le crédit prépayée est envoyé en toute sécurité.

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  • About Maroc Telecom

    Maroc Telecom is the leading telecommunications company in Morocco. With over 220 offices in 8 regions, the company is spread over the whole country. Maroc Telecom is locally known as IAM short for Itissalatt Al Maghteb. Vivendi owns 53% of the Maroc Telecom shares.

    Maroc Telecom originates from 1891 in the time that King Hassan I ruled, then the first postal services provider in Morocco. From postal services the company has grown to a full functioning post, telephony and telegraphy company. In 1992 GSM was added to the services and three years later, 1995, the Internet was introduced by ONPT.

    Maroc Telecom started in 1998. The company provides 1,34 million telephone household lines. In 2005 the mobile telephony users were 8,8 million, which is equal to 97% of the Moroccan population. A large amount of these users use recharge in prepaid mobile telephone services.

    Mobile Internet is also an offered service. More than 9,700 kilometres in fibreglass cables are placed.

  • The French telecommunication provider Alcatel closed an agreement with Maroc Telecom to optimize the cable network. Therefor the company could expand her services and optimize her services, like recharge mobile telephone services, broadband Internet, call centres and so forth. The project cost 26 million euro and was named Atlas Offshore.

    The mobile segment of Maroc Telecom includes mobile subscriptions and prepaid recharge options. Topping up your prepaid telephone is makes it easy for the user to use a mobile phone without the mandatory constraint of mobile plans. The user can choose from Jawal, Jawal Thaniya and Mobisud. Jawal is the classic SIM only possibility Maroc Telecom has to offer, making it possible to call national and internationally without an invoice. Jawal Thaniya is the newest product offering the possibility to pay per second and only have national conversations. With Mobisud it is possible to call starting from 1DH.

    More information please visit Maroc Telecom's website.

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