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Recharger Telkomsel_KartuAS Téléphones prépayés en Indonésie

Rechargez en ligne le téléphone mobile de la famille et des amis dans Indonésie. En quelques étapes Telkomsel_KartuAS le crédit prépayée est envoyé en toute sécurité.

Le numéro de téléphone bénéficiaires:

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  • Telkomsel-KartuAS

    Operating in Indonesia and based in Jakarta, Telkomsel Indonesia launched commercially in 1995, since which time Telkomsel’s influence has grown substantially.

    Of the 237 million people in Indonesia, more than 100 million are Telkomsel Indonesia subscribers at present, Telkomsel has the best network coverage in Indonesia and is the only mobile service provider in Indonesia that covers all of the country's provinces and regions. Even rural subscribers can enjoy the company’s services as they can recharge Telkomsel Kartu As Indonesia cards online.

    The innovative nature of Telkomsel promises to make the concept of recharging a simple and time effective job at hand. Telkomsel provides its subscribers with the choice between two prepaid cards; Kartu As and SimPATI.

  • Telkomsel Kartu As Indonesia is a prepaid service with competitive rates that allows you to communicate with friends and family quickly and easily. Regardless of whether they are in Indonesia or abroad, subscribers can recharge Telkomsel Kartu As Indonesia instantly online.

    Thanks to innovations like Telkomsel Kartu As Indonesia, the telecommunications company has won an array of awards including, Best Indonesian Consumer Award 2011. It goes without saying that this continuous drive for improvement and emphasis of customer satisfaction has made Telkomsel Kartu As Indonesia the leading telecom company of Indonesia. Take for example this ability to recharge Telkomsel Kartu phones online, this service is an innovative step in the right direction for its customers.

    It promises to make the task of topping up and overall the lives of Telkomsel customers just that bit easier and time efficient. The pure simplicity and efficiency of prepaid internet top-up has sure to left a smile on countless of customers faces. If you want to find out about the easiest way to recharge Telkomsel Kartu As Indonesia surf to and read all about it.

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