Recargar Tele2 - Russia Rusia | Enviar crédito de prepago

Recargar Tele2 - Russia los numeros de prepago en Rusia

Recarga en línea de teléfono móvil de la familia y amigos en Rusia. En unos pocos pasos el Tele2 - Russia crédito de prepago se presenta de forma segura.

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  • Tele2

    Tele2 is a leading telecommunications service provider which provides mobile, fixed line and broadband services in 11 countries throughout Europe. The company which has a subscriber base of around 34 million is expanding its geographical footprint and is exploring development opportunities in Eurasia.

    In 2001, Tele2 started operations in Russia when it acquired 12 regional mobile operators from its sister company Millicom. Tele2 Russia’s network has now expanded to cover 37 regions and has a customer base of over 20 million. Regardless of where its subscribers are located, they can recharge Tele2 Russia mobiles simply by buying prepaid credit online.

    According to its website, the goal of Tele2 is to “ensure that the company is considered the regional operator of choice in Russia, helping the country’s citizens to access affordable and reliable telecom services”. It is these strong efforts to maintain high customer appreciation levels that has earned Tele2 the impressive reputation it receives.

  • By offering affordable tariffs and the ability to recharge Tele2 Russia using prepaid online services, the company hopes to bridge the gap between customers outside of the major cities and help to avoid a digital divide.

    Tele2 Russia is a telecom Giant giant that was commended for making customer loyalty and satisfaction their first priority. This can be attributed to the company's easy to use services, wich include; the user’s ability to recharge Tele2 Russia phones by way of prepaid internet top-up.

    Countless of customers already enjoyed the convenience of buying prepaid credit online. If you’d like to find out how to recharge Tele2 Russia mobiles instantly online, visit The website makes it clear on how to use the service and within just a few minutes you will be able to top-up the phone of yours or anyone else from anywhere in the world.

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