Recargar Viva DR República Dominicana | Enviar crédito de prepago

Recargar Viva DR los numeros de prepago en República Dominicana

Recarga en línea de teléfono móvil de la familia y amigos en República Dominicana. En unos pocos pasos el Viva DR crédito de prepago se presenta de forma segura.

Número de teléfono del destinatario:

 Impuestos locales (30 %) por recargar se deducen por la autoridad nacional.

A Prepaid Union usted siempre paga en seguridad con:

  • Viva

    Viva is the brand name of Trilogy Dominicana which is a subsidiary of Trilogy International Partners. The leading mobile telecommunications provider operates in Bolivia, Haiti, New Zealand and the Dominican Republic.

    In April 2008, Viva started commercial operations and since then it has provided dynamic and innovative mobile and internet services to its subscribers in the Dominican Republic. Its customers can recharge Viva DR mobiles instantly using prepaid internet top-ups. Though the telecommunications company is relatively young, Viva DR has already gained recognition and continues to take steps in the right direction.

    The Dominican Republic is considered one of the countries with the most advanced telecommunications infrastructures in Latin America. Viva DR is the fastest growing telecommunications company in the Dominican Republic and soon after it launched, it introduced both GSM and CDMA networks and a variety of affordable international calling plans.

  • The company is committed to enriching the lives of its customers and shareholders, which is why it offers low tariffs and useful features such as the ability to recharge Viva DR mobiles regardless of where its subscribers are located.

    The prepaid internet Viva DR service guidelines are simple and easy to understand for everybody. Customers therefore take full advantage of the excellent telecommunications infrastructure to recharge Viva DR phones. It goes wiheout saying that the Top up prepaid service of Viva DR has already benefited the lives of many customers.

    All this comes without any stresses, there is no registration and the transaction is completely safe. It take just a couple of moments to select the number and the amount to which you wish to recharge, and you could make the life of a loved one just that bit easier. Find out more about Viva DR on and discover the great convenience that many satisfied users enjoyed already.

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