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Recharge KB Impuls - Beeline prepaid phones in Russia

Recharge online the mobile phone of family and friends in Russia. In a few steps the KB Impuls - Beeline prepaid credit is sent safely.

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    KB Impuls Beeline is the trademark of VimpelCom, Russia’s third largest telecommunications company with a subscriber base of 199 million as of September 2011. In addition to providing integrated telecommunications services, including fixed line, mobile and broadband throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, the company gives its subscribers the option to recharge KB Impuls Beeline phones instantly online.

    KB Impuls Beeline customers have the advantage of being able recharge their phones from anywhere in the world, by using the prepaid internet top-up service customers are saving both time and effort. Commercial operations were launched under the KB Impuls Beeline Russia brand in 1993 and it became the first Russian company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1996.

    In 2009, Eurobrand ranked KB Impuls Beeline Russia among the top 50 ‘Most Valuable European Brands’. In line with the brand’s commitment to providing products and services which are both efficient and simple to use, the company’s subscribers can purchase prepaid internet top-ups which recharge KB Impuls Beeline mobiles instantly.

  • To read more about the brand and find out how to recharge KB Impuls Beeline Russia phones online, go to Clear instructions can be found on the website so within just a few minutes you have the opportunity to benefit from this innovative service.

    It takes only minutes and you have the opportunity to recharge any phone from anywhere in the world. Your family and friends in Russia will be delighted that their phones can be recharged by you in just a few simple easy steps.

    Recharge KB Impuls Beeline phones from anywhere, any place and join a vast amount of customers who have already benefited from this innovative service. Our promise to you is that this experience will change your way of topping up your phones of your friends and loved ones. With the convenience to recharge your phone anywhere in the world, you can save both time and effort to make use of this great service.

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