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Upcoming! Cuba: CubaCel - Get 1.5 GB data and 800 CUP extra credits

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Send top up to your family and friends in Cuba and they will receive additional 1.5 GB data and 800 CUP extra credits.

Terms & conditions:

  • Offer is valid from the 21st of June 06:00 until 27th of June, 05:59 CET;
  • Get additional 1.5 GB data and 800 CUP extra credits  for recharges of 500 - 1250 CUP;
  • Promotional bonus will expire will expire 30 calendar days after the top up is received;
  • Customers will receive a SMS a few days before the expiration date of extra bonus;
  • For more terms and conditions please access the Cubacel website.

The promotions that we inform you about are run by the operators, we see it as a service to inform you about them. In case there is a problem please contact the mobile operator or let us know so we can ask them.  Not all operators deal with inquiries about this quickly so have some patience please when you want us to contact them.

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All Countries

ALL COUNTRIES: General top-up limits , please read before sending

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General top-up limits are imposed by operators and are calculated as how much credits can the receiver number get in a certain gap of time.

The limitations are :
01 Day => max 100 USD
07 Days => max 150 USD
30 Days => max 200 USD

There is also a certain number of top-ups that can be sent within a certain time frame to one number:

01 Day => 10 top-ups
07 Days => 15 top-ups
30 Days => 40 top-ups 

Only exceptions to these rules are Egypt and Cameroon , please check separate announcements for these two countries.

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